External Walling, Continous, Non Load Bearing

A Continuous, Non Load Bearing, External Walling System can be offered from Structural Systems' Steel Framing Solutions (SFS).

  • Intermediate Floor Detail (height > 15m)
  • Connecting Cleat to Design
  • Structural member designed for vertical load of wall
  • Track section if required
  • Stud sections size and gauge to design, centres to suit cladding
  • All vertical load supported by structural frame or ground floor slab
  • Maximum length of section = 15 metres
  • Track section at base
  • Connecting cleat to design, transmits lateral load only to structural frame
  • Verticle slots allow deflection of structural frame

External Walling, Continuous, Non Load Bearing - Intermediate Floor Detail (Height > 15m)External Walling, Continuous, Non Load Bearing  

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